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TRD Sportivo Suspensions

TRD Performance

  • Improved lane change performance
  • In addition to reducing the amount and speed of roll when changing lanes, it also improves vehicle behavior, to enable safe, high-speed lane changes.
  • Improved safety on high-speed straight-aways
  • While quieting motion at high speeds, it compels your vehicle to respond obediently to your every whim with no sense of incongruity, even during corrections. This makes possible high-speed cruising with a sense of stability, through moderate reduction in vehicle motion, without uneven road surface disturbance.


  • Improved feeling of smoothness even on rough roads
  • Sportivo's comfort zone has not been about endowing your drive with a cushiony, airy feel. Rather, it is about excellent convergence, and that it is best to reduce vehicle motion a little to provide a comfortable, non-fatiguing ride, even for those long drives. Reflecting this thinking, this suspension system is designed to reduce bouncing and pitching along with larger vehicle movements, to minimize driver jiggling and produce the sensation of an even, smooth ride.


  • Reduces car height by roughly 15 to 40 mm
  • This suspension set reduces the height of the car by roughly 15 to 40 mm, which lowers its center of gravity for improved drivability while achieving sportier styling

TRD Sports Air Filter

A sports air filter born from racing engine development technology. An air filter that delivers the most basic, critical functions of ingesting air, removing dust, and supplying fresh air to the engine. By modifying the technology used in racing engines, running under the harshest conditions and putting the results to work in a commercial product, the TRD Sports Air Filter has achieved the smooth air intake and cleaning effects demanded by high-rev engines.

TRD Lightened Flywheel & Sports Clutch

The TRD Lightweight Flywheel delivers outstanding engine response and sharp and increase power transfer.

  • Designed and developed to raise the bar across the practical speed range from low to high.
  • Made 24 to 50% lighter than factory flywheels (varies by model). This reduces its inertial moment by 22 to 50%, and delivers outstanding engine response and sharp ??power transfer rise??. (Material: Chromium molybdenum steel)
  • Together with the TRD clutch cover & disc set, the TRD Lightweight Flywheel gives you reliable clutch work and effortlessly transfers the engine power to the drive system.

TRD Sports Wheels

Premium looks combined with sporty design. The TRD Premium 19-inch aluminum wheels.

Fusing the two elements of premium looks and sporty design to create a new value paradigm.

The disc design expresses the subtle, bewitching lines of the fiber spokes that capture the powerful TRD tradition, to fuse sporty design with premium looks. With attention to detail demonstrated by the just-perfect color tone of the Pierce bolts and rims that shine like silver, the TRD Premium sports a premium design that goes far below the surface.

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Lexus TRD | TRD Equipment | TRD performance parts | Lexus TRD parts